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Be Careful Little Fishies - Digital Painting Using Krita - Copyright, 2020, Jephyr! All Rights Reserved

"Be Careful Little Fishies"
Digital Painting - Fall 2020

This digital painting started as a sketch in
my 'real world' sketchbook — and recently I
decided to give it a splash of digital paint.

I utilized Krita, which is an amazing digital
painting app that is completely free to download and
use: < opens new window)


You can see my original sketch here
(opens new window):

Be Careful Little Fishies Sketch

As I wrote on that page — early Dutch
painters often used their work to present 'morality
lessons' that spoke to the people of their time about
timeless truths regarding life and human nature.


Recently, a friend of mine and I were talking
about life and she said, "I trust everyone" — but not
everyone is who they seem to be at first glance.

I thought of her as I painted this. : )

Image: Copyright 2020, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved