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"Billy, Der Vunder Bison; - Pencil Drawing - Copyright 2019, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved

"Billy, Der Vunder Bison": Just having fun with character design.

When I was a kid—there was a neighbor family with
several brothers who were a lot older than me.

One brother was very friendly and we'd visit occasionally. He had a strong accent and
one day he said to me (with a big smile on his face): "Vaht's vit der appliances."

I had to ask him several times to repeat himself—and finally figured out (as he
was making gestures towards his mouth)—that he was asking about my braces.

I think that's part of where this title came from—with
maybe a dash of my immigrant grandmother thrown in as well.

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Image: Copyright 2018, Jeff Curtis (Jephyr)
All Rights Reserved