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"Dapper Crunch" - Digital Painting Using Krita - Copyright, 2020, Jephyr! All Rights Reserved

"Dapper Crunch" - Digital Painting - Fall 2020

Way back in 2013 — I first sketched Crunch's
handsome mug and you can see that sketch here:

Original Sketch

Then in 2016, for an Intermediate Photoshop college class I digitally painted that sketch:

First Digital Painting Of Crunch

Recently I decided to give Crunch a body based on a character
design, "Rodolpho," that I'd originally created WAAAY back in 2009:


For this version of Crunch, I used Krita software — a free
open- source painting app that is completely AWESOME!!

It's brushes, tools, and interface are are all excellent!

Krita has almost everything that Photoshop has — but without
the INSANE and expensive subscription treadmill the folks at
Adobe expect you to get on for the rest of your days.


This painting is one of the first things I used Krita for —
and so I re-drew and re-painted everything in this image from scratch
so I could familiarize myself with the its interface and tools.

I can't recommend Krita enough!

Adobe — you were my first love and we'll always have that! : )

Image: Copyright 2020, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved