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'Ezekiel's Wheel' Color — Digital Painting - Copyright 2021 - Jephyr - All Rights Reserved

'Ezekiel's Wheel - Color'

Digital Painting — October 2021

It's hard to believe I drew the original
concept sketch for this one way back in 2013!

I remember that afternoon well. I'd just read
the wild description of angelic beings from the Bible's Book
of Ezekiel and went out to draw. After a nice lunch I opened my
sketchbook and began sketching what became the final pencil
for Ezekiel (you can see that here <opens new window)

Although it doesn't represent any of the Bible's descriptions
— something about reading about those strange beings opened
up a creative conduit in my mind and a four winged creature
with an insect-like head began to emerge on the page.

I put-off painting the final sketch for a long time
in part because I knew it would be a challenge — but God
with me and I'm fairly pleased with the end result.


This image was digitally painted using Krita
awesome, FREE! computer painting software


Image Copyright 2021, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved