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'Juh-Nayz New Ribbons' Color — Digital Painting - Copyright 2021 - Jephyr - All Rights Reserved

'Juh-Nayz New Ribbons - Color'

Digital Painting — October 2021

As I've expressed before — I've been going back
to older sketchbook drawings to digitally paint them.

In 2019, I created a number of drawings with
my niece's three children in mind. One afternoon, the
lovely Juh-Nay* popped outa me brain — invoking
the many summers I spent on my uncle's farm —
and you'll find that original sketch here.

*Pronounced like Tom Hanks' character
Forrest Gump said the name Jenny: Juh-Nay. : )

It's fun to say it the way he did — try it and if you
disagree I'll happily refund your admission price. : ?

Anyway, it was a blast to contrast my memories of those
loud squealing and mud wallowing pigs my uncle raised —
with the rather pristine Juh-Nay — enjoying her new ribbons
— complete with her pearl necklace and gold rings.

For the back ground I was inspired to
return to an old influence of mine: Disney story-board
artist and Children's book author and illustrator, Bill Peet
— in part due to a recent conversation about him I had with
a friend of mine while I worked to complete this one.

Bill Peet created many of the character designs for
Disney's 'The Sword and the Stone,' and 'Jungle Book,' to
name just two — and wrote and Illustrated the beloved
children's story Huge Harold as well as many others!


This image was digitally painted using Krita
awesome, FREE! computer painting software


Image Copyright 2021, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved