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Pencil Sketch - "KC The Kitty Cat - Copyright 2020 - Jephyr - All Rights Reserved

"KC" The Kitty Cat - Pencil Sketch

— see a color version of this sketch here
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Several months ago, I started encountering a
little kitty cat while working in my back yard.

Like most cats — she kept her distance and if I drew
very close to her — she'd quickly bound away.

Since I've always liked cats and had them
as pets — I consider myself a bit of a 'cat-
whisperer' — so I'd softly talk to her and move
slowly each time I got close to her.

One day, after our first few meetings, I went out
to draw and came up with this sketch — influenced by my
new little friend and wary look she'd been giving me.

As I worked — I decided to place her
in a night-time, city-scape — which seemed to suit
the over-all feel better than a leafy back yard.



Image: Copyright 2020, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved