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'PSP Championship Rodeo' — Digital Painting - Copyright 2022 - Jephyr - All Rights Reserved

'PSP Championship Rodeo'

Digital Painting — March 2022

YET another digital painting that began as a graphite
pencil sketch I drew back in 2019 <Starting a newer post with that
kind of sentence might be starting to sound familiar — eh? : ).

(You can see that sketch here)

With my original characters — I try to consciously think about
making their poses more dynamic — and when I started this sketch (with
my patented scribble technique : ), I immediately saw 'that boot' sticking
out — and fleshed out the rest of the character around it.

The background is more proof of the impact Disney story-
board man and beloved children's author Bill Peet's
Illustrative (Huge Harold) style has had on me.

BTW — 'PSP' stands for Professional Stick Pony
— anyone else remember that old kid's toy.

: )


This image was digitally painted using a Wacom Tablet Interface
and Krita— awesome, FREE! computer painting software



Image Copyright 2022, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved