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 'Salieri' - Pencil Sketch- Copyright 2016, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved

2016 Sketchbook Drawing: "Salieri"

When I was a little kid—I'd hear about some old movie star
making the news—and have no idea who they were.

Fast forward many years: As I sat finishing this up some where when I
went out to draw—a "20-something" guy stopped by to see what I was drawing.

As I showed him this—I commented the character was kinda a cross between
F. Murray Abrams' Salieri character from Amadeus—and Keith Richards.

He looked puzzled so I asked if he knew who either one of them were.

He admitted he didn't—and I suddenly felt a lot older. ☺


Image: Copyright 2016, Jeff Curtis (Jephyr)
All Rights Reserved