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Pencil Sketch - "The Flirt" - Copyright 2020, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved

"The Flirt" - Pencil Sketch

If you look through my sketchbook entries from 2020
you'll find a lot of character designs of mine that fit into this style.

Through-out the year I was envisioning a
graphic novel style "world" — inhabited by odd beings who
are anthropomorphic versions of humans.

After drawing a number of these cartoony "baddies" (you'll find
more of them you explore my 2020 sketchbook)— one day
this 'attractive' young lady 'appeared' in my sketchbook.

I drew the head first — and as I worked on the body — the
'he' I originally thought I was drawing became a 'she' complete
with a protruding (pregnant?) belly, a 'Little House On The Prairie'
dress, 'shy' wave, and of course — that GEORGOUS face.

This one makes me smile — and I hope you'll enjoy her too.


4-15-21: I've just finished a digital painting of this
lovely young lass and you'll find that here.



Image: Copyright 2020, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved