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Three Eagles - I AM The Storm - Digital Painting Using Krita - Copyright, 2020, Jephyr! All Rights Reserved

'Three Eagles - I AM The Storm'
Digital Painting - Fall 2020

Many moons ago (in 2015!!) — I did
a quick digital sketch of just this guy's face.

It was just a silly, cartoony idea — but recently I
opened it again and did a little work on it in Krita (an AWESOME
FREE digital painting app) and took it a little further —
adding a quick concept doodle for his body.

I'd been reading / studying a lot
about the Great Lakes Native American tribes
around the time I was working on this —
and was obviously influenced by that.

I was also inspired by a rough sketch/painting that
the late Frank Frazetta had done of a warrior brave — but
without using it as a reference — I came up with my own pose.

Obviously deviating a lot from Frazetta's piece —
principally in that my piece is a cartoon — I also added
a background that expanded and expanded that until it
became the moonlit /sunset vista you see above.

This was a blast to begin — and then a chore to
finish — but it taught me a lot about Krita —
and I'm glad to have completed it.

Image: Copyright 2020, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved