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Image: Digital Painting:  Humorous Wasp Photo Study!- Copyright 2012, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved

Humorous Photo Study: I began digitally painting a
wasp using a photo reference I'd found on-line.

The photo had a deep depth of field so a lot
of the wasp's body was out of focus and hard to see.

About the same time I was tiring of this study —
I began experimenting with different bodies for it.

I tried a loud, striped "salesman" suit. An old style uniform.
And a few others.

But when I went with a tux — I knew I'd found the right
look to complete this image. : )


If you know anything about either photo I used as references (the
photographer's name etc) — please let me know so I can add
that information where ever I post this image.

Image: Copyright 2012, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved


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