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 'Xirqixotl' - Pencil Sketch- Copyright 2016, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved

2016 Digital Sketch: "Xirqixotl"

I sketched this character design in digital painting
software—using a Wacom Intuos Tablet Interface.

I was researching different ideas for it and was adding name
ideas, etc, to the image for future reference as I went along.

Later, I painted it
(right) using the same
software and tablet. >

It took a while to get
it to look and feel right
to me—but after creating
tons of iterations I was
fairly happy with the
way it turned out.

See a larger version
of that painting—using
the link below.

(opens new window)

Enlightenment - SMALL - Copyright 2017 - Jephyr - All Rights Reserved


Images: Copyright, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved