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A. S. Troelstra Caricature: I often find myself scouring search engines
looking for all kinds of photographs for my "Artist's Image Bank".

Keeping one is not an original idea of mine, it has been
done by artists long before I came on the scene.

I highly recommend the practice!

I have several image banks and will often go
through them looking for ideas and inspiration.

Case in point: One day I saw a snapshot of A. S. Troelstra and
there was something about his wind-blown hair and expression
that made me want to create a caricature of him.

I started painting it long ago and then it laid off to the side for
a while. More recently I was finally able to put the finishing touches on it.


BTW it turns out that Mr. Troelstra is a brilliant and highly
regarded I was happy to be able to shine a light on him

Image: Copyright 2012, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved


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