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'Ancient One' - Wood Carving  - Copyright 2021 - Jephyr - All Rights Reserved

'Ancient One'

Wood Carving — Posted July 2021

One evening I went out to a fast food joint
to do some digital painting on my laptop and
started visiting with a man I'd met there.

It turned out that we had a lot of interests
in common including our Christian faith.

He also said that he was doing some wood
carving and the next time we met he brought
a piece he'd been working on along.

I've always been interested in carving
and so inspired by him — I dug my tools out
and grabbed a branch from a tree I'd been pruning
and carved this guy in two separate sittings.

His head is approximately 5" in length.

I hope to do a lot more of this as time allows......


Image: Copyright 2021, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved