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BK3 Pastel - Portrairt 2 - Copyright - 2020 - Jephyr - All Rights Reserved

"BK3 - Portrait 2" - Pastel

Earlier this year I created a 'VERY quick' pastel
pencil portrait for my great nephew in Colorado.

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I whipped that one up in just an hour or so — to
include it it along with a BD gift package for him.

Happily, I was able to spend more time on the one you see above —
and this time used PrismaColor Pastel Sticks on grey paper — instead
of the pastel pencils on white paper used for the earlier one.

Then on 12-14-20, I sent it through USPS — and paid for 2 to
3 day Priority Shipping hoping to get it to him as a Christmas gift.

USPS Priority shipping gives a tracking number and
when I checked it several days after I sent it — I discovered
USPS had mistakenly routed it to Des Moines, IOWA!!


Fortunately — after worrying it might never arrive — my
niece told me it finally arrived December 31st — 18 days after
first starting its epic journey across the country.

(So much for trusting your VOTE to USPS, eh.....)

BK 3 with his Portrait Package that took 18 days to get there USPS PRIORITY!



Pastel Portrait Copyright 2020, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved

Photos Courtesy: RLK (Thank you!)