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"Invasion" - Pencil - Character Design - Copyright 2020, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved

"Invasion" - Pencil Sketch - Character Design

I struggled with this design. I don't remember now how
I started out — but I worked and worked to create something I liked
and initially just got as far as a rough idea for the face and head

Even so I hadn't fallen in love with what I had — but each time I erased
areas to try and fix it — I somehow just end up right back where I started.

I finally gave up any preconceived notions about it and
began to flesh-out the main character's body — and on a whim added
the fin-like areas on him — and then his webbed hand.

At that point — I had a bunch of squiggly lines left over from all my
efforts — and I suddenly saw them as waves emanating from his hand.

Often as I work I just allow the process to surprise me — and I
usually just let scribbles and lines to lead me to designs which was certain the
case for this one — but once I saw the waves coming from his hand, I saw in my
minds-eye an army of aliens being summoned and controlled by them.

The "temple' on the hill is a motif I've used in other
designs before — and along with the winged creatures in the
sky give the image a nice diagonal balance IMHO.

Now I'm glad I didn't (couldn't) give up on this one.



Image: Copyright 2020, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved