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"Shasta" - Photograph - Copyright 2010 - Jephyr! - All Rights Reserved

"Shasta" - 2014

2021 Update: Shasta lived to be 19 years old

I got her when she was just weeks old and think
she must have had a pretty traumatic start to her life.

Initially she was very shy and kept to her
self and barely let me come close to her.

I patiently worked a winning her confidence
and eventually she would come and sit near me.

She only allowed to pet her back and if
my hand got close to her head she'd dart away.

I remember well the first time she allowed
me to rub her neck and then the joy of
finally being allowed to pet her head.

Over the years we completely bonded and she
loved to spend time on my lap or in my arms.

She was very athletic and loved to
chase and retrieve balls — Yup — that's
not a typo — she really did. : )

She and Maxwell also became very close
and I would often find them cuddled together.

Once when I had some band members over for a
practice — one of the guys said to me, "Why do like
cats — they won't even come when you call."

Shasta was across the room — and I said to
the guy, "Oh, really?" and patted my chest and Shasta
bounded across the room to where I was sitting
and sat down right where I had patted.

People who don't like cats don't know what they're missing!


Image: Copyright 2010, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved