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'Battle Tested' — Digital Painting - Copyright 2021 - Jephyr - All Rights Reserved

'Battle Tested'

Digital Painting — Posted July 2021

Several years ago, an art forum I'd been active on
closed and I started looking around for a new place to
post my work and get feedback from other artists.

A while back I found an alternative and began
sharing my work there. I've gotten as mixed bag
of critiques but a lot of them have been very helpful.

One afternoon I quickly sketched the above guy in my
sketchbook trying to incorporate some of that feedback.

Then, I digitally painted over that original sketch
in just a few hours — and since I've been trying to also
speed up my process I was very happy about that.

The previous image here in my 'digital art'
section is based on this original character
— but a bit less cartoony


— The link immediately below opens in a new window —

Once again, I used the free painting
software, Krita. to digitally paint this one.



Image: Copyright 2021, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved